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Issue 1.1: Working effectively with students who have Asperger Syndrome

Issue 2.1: Neurodiversity (pdf)

Issue 3.1: International Focus/Diverse Languages pdf

Issue 3.2: Transition and Identity (pdf)

Issue 4.1: Journal (pdf)

Issue 5.1: Conference Edition 2013 (Word)

Issue 5.1: Conference Edition 2013 (pdf)

Issue 6.1: Summer 2015 (pdf)

Issue 6.1: Summer 2015 (Word)

Issue 7.1: Incorporating papers from the International Conference 2015 (pdf)

Issue 8.1: Spring 2017 (pdf)

Issue 8.1: Spring 2017 (Word)

Issue 9.1 Winter 2017 (pdf)

Issue 9.1: Winter 2017 (Word)

Issue 10.1: Winter 2018 (pdf)

Issue 10.1 – Winter 2018 (Word)

Issue 11.1 – June 2019 (Word)

Issue 11.1 – June 2019 (pdf)

There is one ISSN number for each type of format of the Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education (JIPFHE)

ISSN 1759-2224 (Print) – issued 2008 and discontinued from issue 6 (2015) – there are a few print issues left at the NADP Office. Please enquire if you would like to obtain one.

ISSN 2398-5976 (Online) – issued July 2016 and applied retrospectively to those available online.

The older versions of journals are image pdfs. Please contact the office if you require an accessible version and we will do our best to prepare one.