General Guidelines/Information

QAA Code of Practice in Higher Education – Section 3 Disabled Students 2nd edition February 2010

Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education Section 3: Disabled students February 2010 [Link checked 18 November 2017]

Office of the Independent Adjudicator – Good Practice Guide for Supporting Disabled Students

OIA Good Practice Supporting Disabled Students [Link checked 18 October 2017]

Differences between UK and US terminology i(Learning disability/difficulty/difference) [Link checked 18 November 2017]

Assistive Technology [Link checked 18 May 2017]

Lexdis Technology Strategies for Studying [Link checked 28 July 2017]

EmpTech [Link checked 28 July 2017]

Careers Advice and Guidance

Creative Careers at the University of the Arts London: Alternative Sources of Careers Advice and Guidance 2009 >


Librarians in Higher Education networking to improve access for disabled users. CLAUD’s aims are to disseminates information on disability and to establish good practice: [Link checked 19 May 2017]


Learning Through Videos: Are Disabled Students Using Good Note-Taking Strategies?
Abi James, EA Draffan and Mike Wald

Professional Bodies and Disabled Students

General Medical Council Guidance for working with disabled students:

http://www.gmc‐   [Link checked 18 May 2017]

http://www.gmc‐ [Link checked 18 May 2017]

Access to practice: Overcoming the barriers to practice learning for disabled Social Work students

Into Physiotherapy: welcoming and supporting disabled students

Access to Practice Overcoming the barriers to practice learning for disabled social work students

HCPC: How we consider information that applicants or registrants declare

Higher Education Occupational Physicians / Practitioners (HEOPS). Guidance, Fitness Standards and Surveys: [Link checked 18 May 2017]

Able to Teach

The Law Society: [Link checked 18 May 2017]

Reasonable Adjustments for Practicing Solicitors: [Link checked 18 May 2017]