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May 2022. NADP Recommended Discussion Points for the University of Bristol Civil Case

December 2021: NADP briefing relating to the Office for Students report: ‘Assessment practices in English higher education providers: spelling, punctuation and grammar

School vs University – a glossary and explainer‘ by Harriet Cannon with the support of NADP Members. For many students who have received support or adjustments at school or college the transition to university can be confusing and hard to navigate, not least because the language and terminology used about Special Educational Needs (SEN), disability and support is very different.  This can prevent some students from accessing the support they need.

Podcasts Series 3: NADP Discussion Topics and CPD (August 2021 onwards)

October 2021: NADP Response to Guidance for supporting disabled apprentices

July 2021: Concerns raised by the NADP Membership regarding supporting disabled apprentices

July 2021: Tic disorders and Tourette syndrome: How can I help my students?

Podcasts: Series 2: NADP Partners and Colleagues (June 2021)

Podcasts: Series 1: NADP Country Advisers (May 2021)

Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education

NADP produce the freely available Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education (JIPFHE) and a number of technical briefings and templates which are available free to members and associates.

Researchers planning to publish with NADP or seek participants via the NADP JISCMail list should obtain ethical clearance for their research from their own institution, however, if this is not achievable, it is possible to obtain ethical clearance directly from NADP by reading and completing NADP Ethical Guidelines for Research Projects The form should be submitted to and it will be assessed by the NADP Research and Ethics Standing Committee led by Professor Nicola Martin.