Week 5: Wednesday 22nd July

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Video 1: How a social model approach supports innovation and collaboration

Jenny Alsop & Carys Kennedy, University of the Arts, London

University of the Arts London reimagined its approach to achieving inclusion for disabled students in 2013. It agreed to use a social model approach as a tool to improve the disabled student experience. The University set up a new Disability Service and resourced it to deliver an ambitious, ongoing programme of Disability Equality Training for student-facing staff. Disabled students are now more satisfied. They attain better than non-disabled students. The institutional culture has changed – from compliance to best practice.

We want to share our experiences of using the social model to meet students’ needs more effectively. We will particularly focus on how we use it to collaborate and innovate with colleagues across the university.

Video 2: Early Arrival Programme for Autistic Students

Kathryn Fisher, University of Warwick

Warwick University has run an early arrivals programme for autistic students since 2013. This has developed and expanded over time to reflect both student need and university changes such as the introduction of a Welcome Week in 2018. Warwick did not have a welcome/fresher’s week before 2018 which posed particular challenges for autistic students. The early arrivals programme has been developed and run by the disability services team and involves the head of service, advisers and autism mentors. This video demonstrates how Warwick has tackled a series of challenges over the last few years and what we plan for this year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and plans for future programmes.

We would welcome hearing from colleagues about their experiences of transition programmes for disabled students and hope to have a fruitful discussion about the benefits and challenges of running these programmes.

Webinar: 14:00 – 15:00

Working together for inclusive practice within the context of UDL

Professor Nicola Martin, London South Bank University

The presentation is built on research informed practice arising from two projects:

  • A SRHE funded project which considered how HEI’s could approach the post Layer landscape requiring embedding of universal design for learning. A key finding related to the requirement for various services to work together and to communicate the big picture of support available to students.
  • An approach by Leadley-Meade and Goodwin to offering pre entry support to students which included providing them with information about how to access a wide range of professional services in order to increase their chances of academic success.

Working together between professional services is possibly easier than creating equitable and productive working relationships between professional services staff and academics. This presentation considers how to make all these things work in ways which enable staff to support each other and offer students excellent joined up easy to access services