VC2020 Overall Feedback

This form is for those of you who attended several events and wish to give overall feedback. We are very happy should you wish to complete feedback for individual webinars as well.

  • Very PoorPoorNeutralGoodVery good
    Accessing the webinars
    Viewing videos
  • Did not attendPoorOKGoodExcellent
    Week 1 Video Welcome
    Week 1 Video Jess Thom
    Week 1 Webinar: Intersectional SpLD
    Week 2 Webinar Digital Pathway
    Week 3 Video Geoff Layer - Rivers to Cross
    Week 3 Webinar Inclusive Mobility
    Week 4 Video Disability Language
    Week 4 Webinar Accessing Careers
    Week 5 Video Social Model
    Week 5 Collaborative Working
    Week 6 Video Accreditation scheme
    Week 6 Webinar Audio Feedback
    Week 7 Webinar Student Choice & Voice
    Week 8 Webinar Role of Disability Officers
    Week 9 Webinar Teamwork
    Week 10 Video Conclusion
    Week 10 Video NADP Awards
    Week 10 Networking Event
  • Not at allPartlyMainlyCompletely
    Helpful to you
    Relevant to your needs
    Presented at the right pace
    Pitched at the right level
  • During the sessions we offered a variety of captioning options:, Verbit, Caption.ED and AI Media. Do you have any feedback for us on the ones you experienced?