Week 6: Wednesday 29th July

Video: The new NADP Accreditation Scheme

Paddy Turner, Chair of the NADP

Video released on Wednesday 29th July

Webinar: 14:00-15:00

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Audio feedback. A useful approach for the inclusive curriculum?

 Karl P Nightingale”,  Vikki Anderson* & Susan Onens* 

*Student Disability / Inclusivity Team & ” Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham

The ability for assessors to give audio feedback on electronically submitted assignments is now straightforward at many institutions, and is often preferred by students for the increased detail / explanation that many assessors give.

We will discuss our ongoing study to evaluate audio feedback in undergraduate programmes at the University of Birmingham which focusses on the impact audio feedback has on student satisfaction, but also on whether it can contribute to inclusive practice. In this presentation we focus in on (i) students disclosing SpLDs and /or disabilities and (ii) international students, to evaluate students’ perceptions on whether audio feedback can support their learning.

Our findings suggest that audio feedback is valued by the majority of students, however, it is not appropriate for everyone, suggesting that the context in which it is used is important to supporting the diverse learners in many UG cohorts. We will discuss what this means for best practice for assessors, and how this approach would ideally be incorporated into curricula.

Note. In the context of the near-universal online delivery expected in  2020-21, the more personal nature of audio feedback is also likely to be welcomed by students.