Accreditation Scheme for Members

Bookings now open for the January and May 2022 cohorts!

Delivery of the NADP Accreditation Scheme


Please read the ‘Professional Standards: Dimensions, Elements, Criteria and Requirements’ section to check the requirements for Accredited Member and Senior Accredited Member before you start work.

Accredited Member: 3yrs fte working with disabled people including 1yr in FE/HE.
Senior Accredited Member: 5yrs fte working with disabled people including 3yrs in FE/HE.

Working Towards Accreditation

All members can start work on the scheme whenever they find time. They should sort out the finance and apply for accreditation only when they have completed a first draft of all the sections and know that they are capable of finalising their work in the 10-week period.

All the materials will continue to be available on the website and we guarantee that they will not change without a long period of prior notice.

We will publish the dates for opening of booking in advance and send reminders of the booking date to those who request to be on the reminder list.

Next Accreditation Cohorts

Bookings now open for the January and May 2022 Accreditation cohorts!

The Submission date for the January cohort will be 14th March 2022.

The submission date for the May cohort will be 18th July 2022.

Application for Accredited Member: £110.00
Application for Senior Accredited Member: £160.00

Note: we have a very high demand for accreditation places and so we will have to limit to a maximum of five people from any one institution for each cohort.

Book onto our January 2022 Cohort!

Book onto our May 2022 Cohort!

Scheme Overview

The Accreditation Scheme

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All the forms and resources that you need to complete your submission for the accreditation scheme

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