Accreditation Scheme

Welcome to the NADP Accreditation Scheme. Currently the scheme is in abeyance whilst we respond to member feedback. We hope to relaunch the scheme shortly once all the amendments have been made.

The NADP Board hope that you will be successful in securing accredited status and that you will find participating in this programme is both interesting and useful, and that it benefits the work that you do. We hope it contributes to the overall development of high-quality policy and provision for disabled students.

The process of accreditation will take place whilst you are busy dealing with the daily challenges posed by your job. Those responsible for devising the Accreditation Scheme recognise this and so the process will not be excessively onerous. However, as we want the process to secure external recognition and validity (especially by those outside of NADP), we must treat it as a rigorous process and not simply a “rubber-stamping” exercise. Because of this, please be aware from the start that some additional effort will be required if your application for accreditation is to be successful.

Please read the following pages carefully before starting to assemble your application for accreditation and refer to it regularly during the compilation process. Experience has shown us that familiarity with these notes is an important factor in producing a successful application.

NADP Accreditation Scheme Working Group

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