NADP Accreditation Scheme


The new NADP Accreditation scheme was launched in November 2020. The office and Board of Directors have been working hard on trials for the revised accreditation scheme; ably assisted by some of our members and we are thrilled to be able to offer this new and thoroughly evaluated scheme. 

Already, the number of accredited members is growing fast and increasingly, NADP Accreditation is appearing in job advertisement person specifications and is thus a valuable career-related accreditation.

All the materials, guidance, exemplars and forms are accessible to members on our website, so you can get started with your application in your own time and at your own pace, prior to registration.

Don’t get left behind, start now and get recognised for the excellent work you do!

Registration for the May 2023 cohort is still open.

It is strongly recommended that you have your first draft ready before signing up to make sure you are ahead of the game and not rushing at the last minute.

Pictorial overview of the scheme  - all information elsewhere in text.
Overview of the Scheme

Accreditation provides recognition that agreed professional standards have been met by a practitioner in the development of high-quality policy and provision for disabled students and staff in post-compulsory education. Compared to colleagues such as careers advisers, mentors and counsellors, staff in disability services have few identifiable routes to secure specialised qualifications that are related to the range of tasks they undertake.

NADP Accreditation offers specialist continuing professional development and support for a career pathway. It provides formal recognition of a practitioner having reached a particular level of knowledge, skills and experience. Accreditation also provides for the enhancing of knowledge and the spread of best practice.

The process of accreditation will take place whilst you are busy dealing with the daily challenges posed by your job. Those responsible for devising the Accreditation Scheme recognise this and so they recommend that you complete a first draft of all sections before you officially register for the scheme.

We want the process to secure external recognition and validity, so the process is rigorous and not simply a “rubber-stamping” exercise. Please be aware from the start that some additional effort will be required if your application for accreditation is to be successful.

Where do I Start?

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