Accreditation Scheme – Jan 2020 Update

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The original NADP Accreditation Scheme was launched in 2011 with the following aims:

  • To provide individual practitioners with formal, external recognition that they have reached a certain level of professional practice
  • To help disability practitioners to develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes and critical powers
  • To encourage critical reflections on current practices both in their base institution and more widely

This scheme was very successful with nearly 40 people gaining recognition for their work showing that agreed professional standards had been met in the development of high-quality policy and provision for disabled students and staff in post-compulsory education.

However, members’ and reviewers’ feedback on the Scheme identified too great an emphasis placed on demonstrating the academic aspects of our roles and this needed to be re-balanced to account for other aspects of professional practice.

The NADP Board accepted this feedback and instructed a new committee to work on developing a revised scheme which retained some of the original scheme aspects but which enabled practitioners to demonstrate their capability in a more relevant and practical way.

The Current Position

Paddy Turner has led on the development of the new scheme; ably assisted by members of the Board of Directors and the Operations Manager. Paddy has drawn on his experience as an educational developer to devise a framework for the scheme and tasks for assessment at both Accredited level and Senior Accredited level.

We have also really benefited from, and are hugely grateful for, the ideas and thoughts of members and associates who have taken the time to attend working groups, last year’s roadshows and to complete work for the initial pilot study. This pilot successfully tested the robustness of the framework and criteria and developed a group of practitioners able to support the process of reviewing submissions.

Currently we are working through pilot two with another group of members and associates. This involves building up a bank of resources to support applicants and ensures that the NADP office processes are robust before we launch the scheme for all our members and associates.

If all goes according to plan, our timetable for implementation means that we will be able to announce plans for launching the scheme at our Annual Conference in June this year.

More Information

Please visit the Accreditation pages of the NADP website to see the framework and gain an overview of the new scheme:

As always, we welcome your ideas, thoughts and comments on the scheme. Please contact the NADP Office on