Week 7: Wednesday 5th August

Video 1: Guidance for Institutions Supporting Deaf and Hearing Impaired Students

Martin McLean, National Deaf Children’s Society

Video 2: Guidance for Institutions Supporting Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Thomas Pocklington Trust

Webinar: Enabling Student Choice and Voice

Patrick McGrath, Education Technology Strategist, Texthelp

In this session, we’ll explore the importance and value of providing students with choice and voice in their learning. We’ll help map the journey to provide students with the flexibility and tools to learn what, when and how it matches their needs, interests and skills.

We’ll be identifying and explaining core frameworks that teachers and schools can adopt to progress current practice to a more student led approach. Looking at current good practice and the evidence of positive learning outcomes, we’ll then use the lens of technology to ‘get practical’ and identify a range of core technology tools and methodologies that can help start the journey to making learning personal for every single student within our diverse classrooms – ultimately providing better outcomes for all. 

This session is underpinned by research, good practice and sound pedagogy whilst staying practical across all subjects and ages.