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Embedding Intersectionality

Inclusion and social justice have been thrown into sharp relief during the global pandemic, from the #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements to the unequal impact of the crisis on disability support in general.

As we support students, we must recognise that our social identities are not limited to just one facet – not race, gender, class, marital status, faith, sexuality, disability, socio-economic background nor age.

Instead, all these factors interact in a complex web with myriad intersections. Suffice to say, a person’s experience of the world is shaped by the particular ‘intersectionality’ only they experience.

Viewing only one aspect of identity in isolation can often add to the experiences of exclusion and discrimination a person may face. Simply focusing on disability inclusion and seeing it as operating on its own can be damaging and divisive.

This week, the conference presentations and panels will concentrate on viewing disability support and inclusivity through an intersectional lens.

Please note: the views, information, or opinions expressed during the conference are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of NADP. 

The Webinar

The hosts for our week 4 webinar are Alice Speller and Chiko Ncube who will be with a panel of experienced disability practitioners.

  • Panel Members:
  • Atif Choudhury, Diversity and Ability
  • Piers Wilkinson
  • Joe Baden OBE, Open Book
  • Student Representatives from TG Consulting: Lizzie Hallam-Howard and Stephanie Louise Pryszlak

The webinar will have BSL interpretation and will be published as a captioned video for those who cannot attend the live webinar. This interpretation was recorded live and may contain errors due to the live nature of the content, unknown speakers and limited preparation materials.  The intention is to provide a true and accurate interpretation which is tailored purely to the needs of those present.  Please keep this in mind when watching, thank you.

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Presentation Videos

A&P Regulation, Policy Work and Funding – Office for Students

Understanding a “spikey profile”, Delayed Language Development (DLD) due to poverty – Marius Frank, Microlink

Dr Gibson’s presentation delayed and will be published with week 5 material

Disability and identity: Engaging with matters of intersectional equality and inclusive practice in Higher Education – Dr Suanne Gibson, Plymouth University

Biographies of our Panellists and Presenters

Our Sponsors this week: Glean

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