NADP2022 Week 1 – sponsored by the Educational Guidance Service

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Transition into Further and Higher Education

The support students receive as they transition into further and higher education can set the foundation for success at college and university. Research has suggested that increasing numbers of students find this transition difficult and studies suggest challenges adapting to living independently and difficulties transitioning to more independent study.

Students report that one of their main sources of support are their new social networks. However, establishing these networks can be a challenge when living remotely from the university, studying online or for those disabled students who may experience difficulties with communication or building relationships.

This week, the conference presentations and panels will concentrate on how transition into university and college may be eased for disabled students.

Please note: the views, information, or opinions expressed during the conference are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of NADP. 

The Webinar

Wednesday 1st June from 13:00-14:30

The host for our week 1 webinar is Helen Young, NADP Director from the University of Oxford

To include a welcome to conference by the NADP Chair, Caroline Huntley.

Panel Members:

Marius Frank from Microlink talking about what we mean by unidentified needs and how can we remove barriers to learning… without knowing who has them?

Helen Duncan who will introduce the University of Cambridge’s evidence-based approach to determining the format and content of their transition event,

Rachel Healey from the University of Leeds discussing their practice in transition to the University of Leeds and the new ‘School vs University – a glossary and explainer‘ written by Harriet Cannon with support from NADP colleagues.

The webinar will have BSL interpretation and will be published as a captioned video for those who cannot attend the live webinar.

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Presentation Videos

Videos will be on-demand viewing and will be released on Monday 30th May 2022.

The expectations to be prepared and independent at each stage impact on most students and recent graduates, but for many there can be additional disability related barriers to consider and make a plan to address. 

These barriers can affect confidence and cause anxiety, and at worst may deter people from meeting their aspirations. These sessions offer some supportive pointers (many gleaned from discussions with students and graduates transitioning) to minimise concerns and transition students to their desired goals whether that be in HE or work.

Biographies of our Panelists and Presenters

This week’s videos

Westminster Forum Briefing from NADP Chair, Caroline Huntley

Tips and considerations for disabled students transitioning into HE – Teresa Loftus and Beck Lambourne, AbilityNet

Teresa Loftus and Beck Lambourne from AbilityNet will be providing a series of 2 videos for the NADP virtual conference geared around planning for transitions.

New ideas from UCAS – Nicola Turner, UCAS

The Study Ready Programme at Sheffield Hallam – Justine Cooper

Our sponsors this week: the Educational Guidance Service

Our team of psychologists work with students in colleges and universities in various locations throughout the UK, delivering assessment services for the identification of specific learning differences or SpLDs. This is a commonly used term which includes dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, AD(H)D and specific language impairment – all of which may have an effect on a person’s ability to learn.

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