The Disability and Inclusivity Award for a Service Team 2021

The National Association of Disability Practitioners wishes to annually recognise one disability or inclusivity team for their contribution to making a positive difference to the experiences of disabled students and/or disabled staff in the post-compulsory education sector, with effect from 2021 onwards.

The aim for this award is that it may be awarded to any disability or inclusivity team, regardless of their size or location. However, at least 50% of the team, including the Team Manager, must be NADP members to be eligible.

NADP members are to be invited in February each year to nominate their own or another team. An Awards Panel, selected from NADP’s Board of Directors, will consider all nominations which should include information about one or more of the following criteria:

  • A team which has made a major contribution to the advancement of professionalism in higher or further education services for disabled students and/or staff in their institution.
  • A team which has delivered an excellent service to its users and their institution.
  • A team which has contributed in ways that extend beyond their substantive duties and responsibilities.
  • A team which has made an outstanding contribution to the sector by conducting a sector relating research project during the last two years.
  • A team which uses the results of learner survey data to target services where needed,
  • A team that implements innovative practice to the benefit of service users,
  • A team which engages with academic colleagues and managers of other services to ensure that the needs of disabled students and colleagues are understood and met,
  • A team that can evidence positive impact in the overall effectiveness of their organisation.

Any member may nominate their own or any other team for this award.

  • Please demonstrate as clearly and succinctly as possible why you feel this team should be nominated for this award and provide clear evidence that supports the nomination linked to the criteria (listed above) which will then assist in the selection process and may be read out during the awards ceremony. Please keep this to between 500 - 750 words
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