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Please use this form to update your membership details. The data stays securely on the website database until it physically put into our membership database. It is not transmitted by email.

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  • Please provide the name & email address of the designated person at your Institution in charge of NADP Membership who has consented to adding you on.
  • For communication from the NADP Office and registration on the website and JISCMail lists, if required
    The Heads of Service list is for one person per educational membership
  • NADP Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form

    We like to know a little about the backgrounds of our members and associates in order to describe NADP according to the protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act (2010). You do not need to complete this section but it does help us monitor our member characteristics. If you decide to share information with us it will be be retained confidentially in accordance with our privacy policy and used only for preparing anonymised reports.