Conference Week 5

CPD and Critical Analysis in the Workplace

The webinar took place from 13:00-14:30 on Wed 30th June 2021 with Paddy Turner as host.

The webinar discussions for this week centred on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is the cornerstone of every  profession – it is recognised as an essential component in maintaining professional status and ensuring professional standards – in every nation…….why then is this the first activity to be targeted when budgets are reduced? Why are there such things as ‘barriers to CPD’ in our sector? Why does it appear to be rationed out with less CPD opportunities available to lower grades. What do we need to do/can we do to preserve the opportunities and establish it as an intractable, essential activity for practitioners? What happens in other countries in this regard? How successfully is CPD identified and the learning extracted from it?’

These points and many others will be addressed by Paddy and his panel of experienced practitioners during the webinar: Professor Nicola Martin, Fiona Kolontari, Alison Phillips, Christine Werrell and Amy Low

Please note: the views, information, or opinions expressed during the conference are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of NADP. 

Biographies of our host and presenters for week 5

Presentation Videos

For on-demand viewing.

We are suggesting that these videos may provide thought-provoking CPD for you and/or your team.

Video Transcripts

Disability Language is Affecting Our Students – Lynn Wilson

Difference, Difficulty of Dis/Ability: A Rose by Any Other Name – Vicky Mann & Holly Burkinshaw

UK Accessibility – Accessibility OZ (Information and free resources)

The University Accessibility Comparison Project – Disabled Students UK


On-demand listening – In conversation with our partners and colleagues.

Episode 8: In conversation with Orania Tokatlidis from the Counselling and Psychological Services at the University of Melbourne, Australia (podcast and transcript)

Episode 9: In conversation with James Fitzgerald from the Consortium of Higher Education Support Specialists with Deaf Students (CHESS) (Podcast and transcript)

Episode 10: In conversation with Nicola Turner from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) (Podcast and transcript)

National Deaf Childrens’ Society Resources

Martin McLean from the NDCS has written a short blog post for us previewing the results of their survey of deaf students.

Our partners at the NDCS have also given us a link to the video they produced with the Education and Training Foundation. A one-hour presentation on Making webinars accessible for deaf learners to help staff in Further Education to understand the main barriers to accessing webinars for d/Deaf learners and how these can be overcome using tech solutions and adjustments to teaching. 

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Caption.Ed have sponsored NADP by providing captions for all live webinars at NADPViC2021. They were also the most accurate of the automatic captions that were used at NADPVC2020.