Conference Week 4

UDL – the next steps / Future steps for inclusive learning

The webinar will take place from 13:00-14:30 on Wed 23rd June 2021 with Brian Lutchmiah as host.

To attend this webinar you will need to register in advance

On registration you will receive an automated confirmation with details of how to access the webinar on the day. Please contact the NADP office on if you do not receive the automated confirmation.

This webinar will be a discussion led by Brian Lutchmiah, the NADP Chair with an international panel of UDL experts.

Jennifer Pusateri, Co-Chair UDLHE, University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY, USA

Dara Ryder, CEO AHEAD, Ireland

Stephen Harper, Northern Ireland Adviser to NADP, Ulster University 

Valerie Van Hees, The Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO), Belgium

Judith Jansen, Expert centre on inclusive education (ECIO), Netherlands

Martine Hoefeijzers, CINOP, Netherlands

Professor Deborah Johnson, Disabled Students’ Commission

Please note: the views, information, or opinions expressed during the conference are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of NADP. 

Biographies of our host and presenters for week 4

Presentation Videos

For on-demand viewing – available from Monday 21st June 2021.

Available videos from Jane Seale, John Harding, Rachel Davies and Ivan Newman

Video Transcripts


On-demand listening – In conversation with our partners and colleagues.

Episode 7: In conversation with Harriet Cannon from the Association of Autism Specialists in Higher Education (AASHE) (podcast and transcript)