Fancy Flying Away?

Image of lots of colourful hot air balloons travelling across London

Join the National Association of Disability Practitioners first ever virtual balloon race to celebrate all the achievements of our members and colleagues in the last year.

The race will run throughout June 2021 for our free, virtual, international conference:

Joining the dots of inclusive practice – what is the picture now?

How is your balloon dong?


The race will run for 3 weeks, during which time you will be able to log on and check the progress of your balloon and watch the leader board.

The race will end at 12:00 noon (UK time) on Wednesday 30th June – Week 5 of Conference.

Ballooooon 278km
Flying HIgh 260km
UFO 259km
Dream Boy 258km
Cornish Maid 256km

To see how you are doing, simply visit:

Conference details: