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Links for Students/Parents

Into Higher Education 2019

[Accessed 11 October 2019]

A guide for disabled students thinking about studying in higher education. It deals with common questions such as whether the college or university will be accessible, how to choose a course and what support will be available. Originally produced by SKILL it is now managed by Disability Rights UK.

Links for Inclusivity & Disability Professionals

Action on Access

A  support and change-management partnership organisation – the national provider of coordination and support for furthering  access, widening participation and increasing student retention and success and progression through higher education across the UK since 1999. [Accessed 11 October 2019]


Educational Technology Education Conferences #38 January to June 2018 Clayton R Wright

DEMOS Project – Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness

This project ran from 2000-2003 and was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England under strand three of the initiative Improving Provision for Students with Disabilities. The project developed an online learning package aimed specifically at academic staff and examined the issues faced by disabled students in higher education.

The following modules are available:

Also available:

[All links checked 11 October 2019]

Disability Archive [Accessed 11 October 2019]

The aim of the Disability Archive UK is to provide disabled people, students and scholars with an interest in this and related fields, access to the writings of those disability activists, writers and allies whose work may no longer be easily accessible in the public domain. It is hoped that the documents available via the Archive will help to inform current and future debates on disability and related issues. Managed by The Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds

Equality Challenge Unit (ECU)

The Equality Challenge Unit works to promote equal opportunities in higher education. They work in partnership with universities and colleges of higher education, unions, and agencies across the country. [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Links to Services


OK Rehab specialises in addiction treatment. This treatment is available via both inpatient and outpatient treatment providers. We also work with clinics that are able to facilitate treatment taking place in your own home, who are able to provide professional intervention and home detoxification.

Please visit their website for more information:

Assistive Technology

EmpTech aims to provide information resources on assistive technologies that are designed to enhance access to study and work environments: [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Disability directory of UK disabled and Health related sites

Offering advice products and health goods, services, social care and mobility aids.  [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Education and Technology Conferences List

Educational Technology Education Conferences #37 June to December 2017 Clayton R Wright

National Network of Assessment Centres

The National Network of Assessment Centres is a UK-wide network of Centres providing quality assessment of need for the use of assistive technology and/or specialised learning strategies to facilitate access for disabled people to higher education (DSA): [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Sign Language Interpreters

Recommendations from members:

Association of Sign Language Interpreters: [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Overseas Interpreting: [Accessed 11 October 2019]

BSL Communication (Northampton): [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Clarion UK Student Support: [Accessed 11 October 2019]

Specialist Mental Health Mentoring Course Information

Details of the scheme devised by a consortium of Royal Holloway University, University Mentoring Organisation (UMO) and the University Mental Health Advisers Network (UMHAN).

Their contact details are

Specialist Mental Health Mentoring Information Route 1

Specialist Mental Health Mentoring Course Information Route 2

Social Security Disability Guide

Social security disability benefits can be a complicated subject for many of us. Knowing who qualifies, how to maximize your chance of getting approved, and how payments are calculated is crucial information to know. That’s why we made an ultimate guide about navigating social security disability benefits and included just about everything we could think of. Check out the guide:

Social Security Disability Guide –