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Welsh Government Review of Disabled Students’ Allowances

Conducted by York Consulting LLP; released 14th November 2017

DSA Wales

Update from Daniel Parrott, Swansea University – November 2017

Colleagues are spotting an issue with level 1 and 2 support recommendations by needs assessor for students funded by SFW, NHS Wales and several other funding bodies.

  • Level 1 and 2 support can still be covered by DSA in Wales.
  • However, it may not be visible as a service if you look up the HEP as a provider on the DSA-QAG website.
  • This is because the support does not need to be accredited by DSA-QAG, as it is outside of the English system.

If colleagues need to recommend level 1 and 2 support in Wales, please could they check the situation with the Welsh HEP, or check their website.

As an example, Swansea is permitted to have a page up indicating Welsh only costs. Others may do similar:


Similarly, level 1 and 2 support can be recommended for Welsh students going to study in England. In this case, Welsh DSA can pay the HEP to provide support (if able)- it does not need to be DSA-QAG registered for this. If the HEP no longer has the facility, then naturally, it would be a case of locating a provider that can still arrange this support.