Non Medical Help (NMH) Guidance/Regulations

NMH Charter

This document was originally published as a stand-alone paper in 2012 which related to the principles that providers of Non-Medical Help (NMH) should adhere to in order to facilitate the provision of high quality academic study support, appropriate to the needs of disabled students and which represents value for money.

The Charter was championed by NADP but the work has been driven from within the sector by various representatives from Universities, FE providers and suppliers of NMH study support alike. There was widespread consultation over a two year period (2009 – 11) utilising meetings throughout England with over 100 representatives of FE and HE disability support services and NMH study support providers.

The charter is now contained within the DSA-QAG Guidance document:

DSA-QAG (2016). DSA guidance for new DSA students in annual year 2016-17. Available from: [Accessed 11 October 2019]