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Startling new evidence of a falloff in the number of disabled students taking up assistive technology recommended for them under the DSA scheme has prompted the British Assistive Technology Association to update its DSA reforms BATA report

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Members who wish to request agenda items for the NADP representative to submit to DSA QAG meetings should use the DSA QAG Agenda item template form and submit to the NADP Office

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15/11/2016 Communication from DfE about 16/17 DSAs changes

Today we are publishing a number of documents giving further information about the changes to DSAs, and in particular detailing the recovery arrangements for the ECP – these are set out below.

I wanted to thank you for your help and advice in working through potential recovery arrangements for the Exceptional Case Process (ECP). You understood the Departments’ concern that, given the way the ECP works, there is a chance that public funding be used to provide support for students which are later deemed a reasonable adjustment – meaning that the higher education institution (HEP) should have covered the costs.

As you are aware, we have explored upfront cost and risk sharing as an option, which you agreed with in principle. However, at this point operationally and legally this is extremely difficult to implement.

The Department has therefore decided that SLC should cover the upfront costs, and alongside this should implement a proforma for applications under the Exceptional Case Process. This proforma asks the HE provider to sign an agreement that they will reimburse the Student Loans Company (SLC) if the support funded under the ECP is later deemed a reasonable adjustment. The Student is also asked to sign to give SLC permission to recover on their behalf (as it is the students’ grant which needs to be recovered from the HEI).
We will monitor expenditure under the Exceptional Case Process, and whether HEIs are reimbursing SLC when the support is deemed a reasonable adjustment. If there are concerns about HEIs not reimbursing SLC in this regard, the Department will pursue other legally binding recovery arrangements.

2016.11.08-DfE communication on changes to DSAs for Disability Officers Money Advisers and appeals and complaints officers (ref 6-2016)
2016.11.08-DfE communications on ECP recovery arrangements to Heads of Finance (ref 7-2016)

2016.11.08-DfE communications on changes to DSAs for Needs Assessors (ref 8-2016)
2016.11.08-DfE communications on changes to DSAs for students (ref 9-2016)
Update to the ECP Pro forma – Final 14-11-16
A guide to completing the ECP Pro Forma – Final 14-11-16