Visual Impairment

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For drawing a Venn diagram or flow chart, a VI student might use an APH Draftsman or an EASY sketchpad (less expensive than a Draftsman), along with a stylus, compass, stencils, etc.

For creating a graph on a coordinate plane, a student could use an APH Graphic Aid for Mathematics (rubber graph board) with push pins, rubber bands, etc.; raised line graph paper with Wikki Stix, high dots, etc.; Talking Graphing Calculator from Desmos (ask to play with their accessible one with audio and braille), Audio Graphing Calculator from ViewPlus; Orion TI-84+ Talking Graphing Calculator from APH.

Accessible graphing calculators:

One limited/free the other for purchase. [Accessed 18 May 2017] [Accessed 18 May 2017]