Voting in the elections for NADP Board of Directors

Dear Members, There are up to 14 members of the NADP Board and there are regular annual vacancies as one third of our Board members are required to stand down every year according to our Articles of Association. These members are entitled to stand again should they wish to do so and anyone who is […]

Office Update

Unfortunately we have no land line in the office at the moment due to a fault. Please could you use our mobile number, 07984405456, or email us on and we will ring you back Thank you Heather and Lynn

NADP Board of Directors

Call for Nominations for Directors of the NADP The Articles and Constitution of the National Association of Disability Practitioners state that one third of our directorate must stand down each year. This allows for the induction of new directors to the Board and all those who stand down are eligible for re-election should they choose […]

Office Update

Please be aware that Heather and I will be at the London Spring Conference from 2pm this afternoon and there will be no-one at the NADP Office. Please email your enquiry and we will be in contact next week Thank you