Disability and Mental Health Adviser

Application Deadline: 01/05/2019

Job Details

Location: Suffolk

Salary: £30,095 to £34,189

Sector: Higher Education

Job Description

To work with students with disabilities, in particular students with mental health conditions and autism to provide advice and guidance and identification of reasonable adjustments.
Contribute to the maintenance of DSA Quality Assurance Framework and staff DSA registration.
Manage a caseload of students in receipt of specialist mentoring.
Responsibilities may also include working with students with sensory and physical impairments, long-term health conditions and specific learning differences.

Role Outline
1. Possess an excellent understanding of a range of disabilities including emerging and established mental health conditions, non-verbal learning difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
2. Carry out initial and on-going assessments of students including emergency referral. Determine the suitability of interventions and specific referral to other services that will enable students to manage their academic commitments
3. Identify and communicate appropriate solutions, strategies or support plans to the student and supporting staff
4. At times, co-ordinate a university response for students who are in crisis that would minimise the risk of harm to the student’s health and well-being and to other people
5. Develop contacts and referral mechanisms to appropriate statutory and community-based organisations. Act as a co-ordinator when students are referred to outside agencies and promote effective communication
6. Identify circumstances where it is necessary to breach confidentiality, ensuring duty of care responsibilities are met at all time
7. Develop an understanding of the types of courses and the delivery of teaching, learning and assessment e.g. Higher Apprenticeships and professional programmes
8. Allocate non-medical help and provide support and supervision for the team of non-medical helpers. At times contribute to the recruitment of staff in the team
9. Managing own case-load of student mentees in receipt of specialist mentoring
10. Maintain a thorough understanding of University services, and student policies and procedures. Keep up to date with developments
11. Maintain accurate records and regularly update internal databases
12. Endeavour to proactively support students to meet the demands of student and university life by promoting wellbeing and resilience e.g. University Mental Health Day or through the provision of workshops
13. Engage students in a variety of ways e.g. use of social media and/or through the design and delivery of educative components (face-to-face or online)
14. Day-to-day supervision of Disability Advisers, conduct appraisals, take steps to maintain own and team professional knowledge
15. Support University Partners by providing training and advice to ensure parity and quality of services
16. Take action as necessary to comply with the Institution’s health and safety policies and practices.
17. Annually, review services through service evaluation and contribute data and obtain feedback
18. Promote access to Higher Education through Open Days
19. Promote equality and inclusive practice through collaboration with colleagues and the development and delivery of staff training
20. Take action as necessary to comply with the Institution’s health and safety policies and practices
21. To undertake any other responsibilities determined from time to time by the Head of Student Services

Supporting Documents