Cyber Security Analyst for The Workshop (via Autism at Work)

Application Deadline: 04/06/2021

Job Details

Location: Currently working from home but normally based at 86 Fetter Ln, Fetter Yard, Holborn, London EC4A 1AD with flexibility around working from home.

Salary: Negotiable

Sector: Cyber Security

Job Description

What you’ll do
Undertake cyber security operational activities, including event and incident investigation, process development and optimisation, playbook and exercise development.
Foster relationships across the business, helping to develop security interventions that match current business need.
Manage incident response processes through to closure, including leading and collaborating on lessons learned and root cause activities.
Collaborate across a global organisation to provide contextual risk information to business colleagues, influencing strategic and operational decision making.
Leading and owning security initiatives across the full gamut of people, process and technological transformation.
Seeking innovative, problem solving, solutions to improve the maturity, or efficiency of the Cyber Security team.
Providing input and ideas into commercialisation of services and solutions that we can or could provide to prospective and existing clients.
Delivering exceptional service to our business colleagues and external clients.
Internal and external consulting opportunities.
Multiple technologies from cryptocurrencies to exchange and everywhere in-between.
Development of core risk management concepts, such as vulnerability management or threat intelligence production, consumption and contextualisation.
Researching and developing a proficiency in current and emerging threats, vulnerabilities and security technology developments.
Create and present findings on cyber-security threats, attacks, incidents, and other indicators of cyber-security issues.
Assessing the organisation’s risk exposure and measuring the variety of parameters which make up said risk.
Optimising and automating repetitive tasks. Constantly seeking to improve how we operate, from daily tasks to fundamental domain constructs.
Participating in knowledge sharing with other analysts to develop solutions and continued improvement opportunities.
Developing strategic goals, defining outcomes and success criteria and measuring positive effects.

What you’ll bring:
An inquisitive nature and a problem-solving approach.
A voice and fresh ideas.
A thirst for learning and a willingness to challenge how things are done when opportunity to improve is available.
Familiarity with cyber-security concepts and technologies.
An enthusiastic and ambitious attitude.
A want to figure things out from your own initiative.

Some useful skills and/or knowledge areas:
Cyber Security domain understanding.
Risk framework awareness.
Experience in security operations, or other Cyber Security disciplines.
Technology understanding, especially core concepts, like networking, protocols, OSI model, operating systems.
Development, scripting and coding experience.
Data science and analysis techniques.
Threat modelling frameworks and usage.
Malware concepts and mitigation approaches.
Adversarial concepts

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