Assessment Centre Student Support and Development Officer

Application Deadline: 12/07/2020

Job Details

Location: Leicester

Salary: £ 27,511

Sector: Assessment Centre

Job Description

Main duties:
1. To receive requests for Study Needs Assessments referrals and co-ordinate appointments across a complex diary structure of managing different disability requirement and locations
2. To provide administrative support, advice and guidance for the staff,
students and applicants who contact the Assessment Centre
3. To provide accurate referrals and undertake casework by liaising with
Student Support and Academic Services, other University departments and
external agencies as appropriate while maintaining confidentiality
4. To ensure accurate disability data is input onto the University systems and
produce reports for the Access Centre Manager and required auditing
5. Keep up-to-date with changing Disabled Students Allowance’s (DSA)
legislation and auditing requirements to ensure that accurate information is
disseminated quickly to stakeholders e.g. students, staff and external
colleagues. Disseminate this to a range of audiences including staff and
students. This includes keeping up to date with technological deployments
as well as regulatory changes in the sector the sector.
6. Manage the in box of the assessment centre by responding to incoming
queries from customers, taking responsibility for solving some of the
enquiries and overseeing delegation of some to ensure external originations
such as, funding bodies and other Higher Education Providers receive an
appropriate update. Track the responses.
7. Obtain complex quotations for costing out different types of support
recommendations made by the assessment centre and ensure they are
complaint with funding body regulations.
8. To quality assure Needs Assessment reports that are produced by the
assessors in the centre, to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines. This
involves ensuring the report clearly articulates the rationale for all recommendations and it is compliant with the specific funding bodies regulations and Department of Education specified procedures.
9. To manage the equipment resources of the assessment centre and the
locations at which it provides services. To check the software provided in the
assessment rooms remains up to date, fully functioning, and compliant with Department of Education auditing requirements, inducing tracking and
recording of software licences on equipment managed by the centre.
10.To process payments and raise invoices relating to the provision of
specialist services. To maintain accurate and up to date expenditure and
income data and budget forecasting.
11.To provide administrative support to the wider Student Welfare teams at
peak times and where necessary provide support out of core working hours.
This will involve working at least 5 weekends a year.
12.Treat all DMU staff, students, contractors and visitors with dignity and
respect. Provide a service that complies with the Equality Act 2010, eliminating unlawful discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations with particular attention to the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil
partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief (or none), sex
and sexual orientation.
13.The post holder is required to minimise environmental impact in the performance of the role, seek to promote environmental sustainability within
area of responsibility and actively contribute to the delivery of the DMU Environmental Policy

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