Email Protocol

[Members, see also: NADP Members Mailing List (login required)]

NADP members using the email forums should familiarise themselves with the Jiscmail  Security Policy

Content should be directly relevant to the aims and objectives of NADP – relating to disability and the provision of services to disabled people.

Commercial advertising is not permissible.

Consideration should be given to other users. Bear in mind that members may be disabled in one or more ways, such as visual impairment, dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

Use fonts, sizes and colours that do not cause difficulties for disabled readers.

Ensure that a relevant subject line is included. This helps to sort email by subject and enables members to read only those they consider to be of relevance to them.

If changing the topic when replying to an email, ensure that the subject line is amended.

Keep postings short and to the point.

Members wishing to share documents should request its posting onto the NADP website via

Members wishing to conduct a survey should contact the list-owner.

When taking leave, use the setting ‘mail delivery temporarily disabled’ on the subscription settings page at or submit the request to the

Members must not send rude, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, deliberately false information or generally unpleasant postings.

Complaints regarding email content should be sent to or addressed in writing to the NADP Board of Directors.