Code of Practice


  1. Members should maintain and develop their professional competence and keep themselves informed of current developments in the field and endeavour to complete the accreditation scheme.
  2. Members should recognise the boundaries of their own competence, making appropriate referrals when situations fall outside them.

Discharge of Professional Duties

  1. Members will act ethically, in good faith, with fairness, consideration and objectivity.
  2. Members will be aware of, and show appropriate sensitivity to the dignity and worth of a person, treating each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity.
  3. Members should understand and comply with the Equality Act 2010
  4. Members should be sensitive to issues of confidentiality and privacy should be respected with due account taken of the legislative framework (for example UK Data Protection Act).
  5. Members should be alert to and avoid conflicts of interest that may interfere with the exercise of professional responsibilities. Any concerns of conflict should be raised with the relevant parties.
  6. The provision of information, advice and guidance should be impartial, open and transparent. Members should be mindful of their role and be aware of any factors which might limit the impartiality of the information, advice and guidance offered and where appropriate those factors should be disclosed.
  7. Members should recognise the power and influence that comes with their role and ensure that it is used appropriately.
  8. Members should keep appropriate records of their actions and make students aware if files are kept which include personal data about them.

Personal Conduct

  1. Members should ensure that their actions do not bring either themselves, their Institution or NADP into disrepute.
  2. Any disciplinary action taken by the Board of Directors in relation to inappropriate behaviour and/or unprofessional conduct will be undertaken by a panel of 3 full members of the Board of Directors. Members may appeal the decision and any appeal will be considered by an Appeals Panel consisting of 2 full members of the Board of Directors and the Chair (where there is no conflict of interest)..

Expelled Accredited members will have their accreditation status removed.

Last updated April 2013