Week 2: Wednesday 1st July

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Video: Managing self and others through change

“I don’t think we should tell them what we’re going to do in advance. Let them think. Worry. Wonder. Uncertainty is the most chilling thing of all.” Vernon A. Walters, US Deputy Director of Central Intelligence.

One of the most challenging parts of uncertainty is the inability to plan and the feeling of being out of control. Feeling like you need all the information and possibilities (and their matching solutions) can leave you in a circular dilemma without end.

In this video Glenys will address these issues and give suggestions to help delegates explore techniques which can assist them and their teams to better manage the planning and transition to new working practices.

Suggestions for exercises will be included for you to use yourself or with your teams.

Webinar: Creating a digital pathway and success for international students

Amy Low, Ability Net & Mike Chung, UCL

UCL and AbilityNet talk about how institutions can reach out to their prospective and incoming international students and provide a digital welcome pathway to ensure they get the support they need to be successful at university. They…

  • Discuss how UCL are working to adapt their digital welcome to international students in the wake of COVID 19 for new intake 2020/21
  • Examine digital tools that can help support international student remotely, especially during term 1 when they are likely to be participating from their home countries
  • Discuss how to manage reasonable adjustments remotely for international students