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AdvanceHE & DSC Report

15th July 2020

‘Covid-19: Disabled Students in Higher Education: Student Concerns and Institutional Challenges’

NADP Report issued on 12th May 2020

Covid-19 has created a challenge for everyone. Higher education institutions are no exception and have rapidly moved much of their teaching and assessment online. Most universities have included their disability service managers as part of their emergency response team which has ensured that disabled students have been considered from the start of arrangements.

The aims of this report are to enable the good practice developed within higher education institutions to be shared more widely and to highlight areas where more work needs to be undertaken urgently.

Important Communications from Government Bodies and other Stakeholders

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Advice from the Students Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)

Covid-19 Communications to Stakeholders from the SLC

Office for Students Resources

25th June 2020 – Briefing Note – Disabled Students

30th April 2020 – Briefing Note – Student Mental Health

National Deaf Children’s Society Guidance for Students

BATOD Advice on Cleaning Radio-Aids etc.

Pocklington Trust Guidance for Students

The Pocklinton Trust have put together some advice and guidance for students with vision impairment and professionals supporting students entering Higher Education during the Covid-19 crisis.

Guidance for students with vision impairment
Student Support Service briefing: Choosing a university during COVID-19
Guidance for Higher Education professionals supporting students with vision impairment

SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC)

Mental Health Resources

Supporting ourselves and our families during Covid-19

A captioned video to assist you to support yourself and your family during Covid-19. It includes plenty of hints and tips to share with your students too.

This, second video, relates the basics of the biology of stress so that you can understand the reasons behind the techniques that may assist you. There is an accompanying fact sheet

This, third video, has been produced at the request of members. Many of our members are reporting that they are struggling with lack of motivation after the Easter break and the announcement that the lockdown will continue for longer. We hope that you will be able to take some ideas from the tips and hints in this video.

NADP Contributions

Our fourth video: a message to all our members by Brian Lutchmiah, our chair. Be prepared!

A captioned video on support for disabled students which was recorded from AI Media’s Zoom webinar on Friday 3rd April

Handout to accompany the video (NADP contribution)

Details on how to access the full webinar can be found here on the AI Media website

Autism Practitioners: Resources for Autistic students studying remotely

A list of mental health resources compiled by the Mental Health Foundation.

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The lockdown and general coverage of the coronavirus may be having an impact on existing circumstances or conditions you’ve been living with, or triggering new symptoms. You might find your usual face to face services are disrupted. If you’ve been getting support, you could talk to your therapist or other medical professionals by phone or email. These organisations offer practical tips on how to manage your symptoms during this period of self-isolation, as well as support and guidance for managing your condition more generally:

• Mental Health Foundation tips which are constantly being updated:

• OCD-UK: OCD and Coronavirus Top Tips

• Beat Eating Disorders: Eating Disorders and Coronavirus

• The Sanctuary, a chat room and safe space for people with an eating disorder to share concerns and advice on how they are coping with the pandemic.

• Papyrus, prevention of young suicide: helpline and supporting resources…/

• Bipolar UK: Bipolar disorder and coronavirus…/coronavirus-emergency-how-we-ca…

• The Stay Alive App: An app for those at risk of suicide and those worried about someone…/stay-alive-app/

• CALM: Helpline for everyone but especially men, and tips on coping with social isolation…/putting-the-social-into-soci…/

• Mind: Coronavirus and your wellbeing…/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing/

• Anxiety UK: self-help resources for anxiety related conditions

• The Samaritans…/if-youre-worried-about-your-m…/

• Support for victims of domestic or sexual violence and abuse: Coronavirus: Victim and witness services…/coronavirus-covid-19-victim-and-witnes…

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Working from Home

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