NADP Annual Conference 2022

Lost in transition? – Ensuring inclusivity at times of change

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Free, virtual conference with CPD points available!

Our colleges and universities have always worked to assist students to manage change in their lives but we are all encountering much more change with all the measures needed to cope with the pandemic. Our aim with the conference this year is to share best practice in how we can assist students cope with all the current change and transition.

Change is situational. Students change from school to further or higher education; staff change from home working back to the office; students change from home study to returning to their colleges and universities; and graduates change to the workplace.

Transition is the psychological process by which we adapt to these changes in our lives by letting go of an old situation, putting up with the confusing in-betweenness and then launching forth in the new situation.

This year we are looking at how we can support disabled students through these times of change and transition. How we can provide the support to assist them to view transition as a natural process of disorientation and reorientation marking the turning points in the path of growth.

To feel as though everything is “up in the air,” as one so often does during times of change, is endurable if it means something — if it is part of a movement toward a desired end. But if it is not related to some larger and beneficial pattern, it simply becomes distressing.

This year we are all in transition! Even NADP is transitioning back to the office with new office team members and a new mixed conference format with online and face-to-face sessions.

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Conference Format


The NADP Annual Conference 2022 will be delivered throughout June with the majority of presentations being recorded for on demand viewing with a Zoom panel discussion on the theme for each week. Attendance will be free of charge for all online events.


We are also organising small, in-person networking events (one each in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) to take place at university settings in the last week of June. There will be a small charge of £50 to finance the in-person events.

Week 1: Transition into Further and Higher Education

30th May – 3rd June 2022

Week 2 – Transition out of FE or HE into employment

6th June – 10th June 2022

Week 3 – Supporting apprentices and others on remote placements

13th – 17th June 2022

Week 4 – Embedding Intersectionality

20th – 24th June 2022

Week 5 – Whole day in-person networking events

27th – 1st July 2022

Booking Information

Booking will open in May for the first of the webinars and the in-person events. Please see individual week pages for booking information.

All online presentations will be freely available from the NADP Website.

Our whole conference sponsors this year are Brain in Hand and Microlink

Many thanks to Brain in Hand and Microlink who have generously sponsored the whole conference this year. Don’t forget to look out for their Goody bag gifts when you book your place at conference!

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Microlink Education is committed to creating pathways of opportunity from the classroom to the boardroom. Whatever the barrier to learning, working or living, Microlink will support education settings, Children’s Services such as Youth Offending Teams, Colleges, Training Providers and Universities to transform practice and secure better outcomes for every child. Marius Frank, Microlink’s new Head of Education, says: “For 30 years, Microlink has supported hundreds of businesses and universities with adjustments that have transformed the working and learning lives of thousands of people with disabilities. The knowledge skill and wisdom that has been accumulated will now be directly available to schools and academies who embrace the social model of disability, who are inclusive, who passionately believe in helping every child to be the very best that they can be.”

Microlink’s virtual goodie bag entry will get free access to our very own e-learning platform plus an opportunity to win some prizes

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We complement student and employer services, reinforcing positive strategies. Working together with inspirational health and social care teams, assessors, supporters and educators, we help redefine the way support services are delivered.

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Feedback from the 2021 virtual NADP Conference

“These conference sessions have been really good. Great that they have been spread over a number of weeks in short bursts as this makes it easier to attend.”

“Thank you to NADP for the conference and for the chance to network with others in the field. I’ve really enjoyed every element of it and the chance to engage in different formats shows the thought and hard work that has gone into making it happen.”

“After what has been a very challenging year and a half it was very interesting and informative to hear what other colleagues are dealing with on other institutions and how they are planning to move on in the post-covid era in relation to student facing work.”

“It was wonderful to be able to access the conference online, after the event, in my own time. With small children and work often things are difficult to access due to time or travel. Thanks to everyone’s hard work on the conference.”