NADP Winter Conferences 2018

Date: 30/11/2018

Location: Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre

Date: 06/12/2018

Location: Hilton London Kensington

‘Inclusive support for mental health in tertiary education’

The social model of disability observes that systemic barriers, purposeful or inadvertent negative attitudes and exclusion by society are the ultimate factors defining disability.

Inclusive education as an approach, as we know, implies that the educational environment is designed so that the whole of the student body is facilitated to learn together with appropriate services embedded into the system.

NADP knows that this can only be possible in a flexible system that is adapted to meet the requirements of our diverse student communities.

With significant coverage across the media on the rise in mental health concerns nationally, NADP have noted feedback from our membership on mental health in the sector, and the rising impact and challenges felt by universities and college in recent years.

With the noted rise and complexity of needs of students in tertiary education and the focus on specialist mental health provision being offered through universities and colleges, this one-day conference will be looking at:

  • How we meet student needs and continue to provide and enhance support, advice and guidance to our student communities.
  • How mental health is an intrinsic part of the model of inclusive practice and the link between mental health, academic progress and achievement.
  • Specialist agency partnership, inclusive of local community groups and health organisations, and how links can be established and maintained
  • Mental health and complaints
  • Opportunity to share practice and learning and networking with fellow members
  • Speakers from across the sector

More details to follow……..