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  • Conference Information

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    One day conference fee includes all the presentations, refreshments and lunch. Please book separately if you wish to attend the gala dinner and entertainment.

    Two-day full conference fees include all the presentations, refreshments, lunches, gala dinner, entertainment and accommodation for the middle night.
  • These are extra options for those who wish extra night's at the venue. Please note that you may be able to book accommodation at lower prices but we need to pay this amount to secure enough accommodation and ensure you can have consecutive nights in the same room.
  • This is an extra option for those who have not booked the whole conference package
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  • Break-out session choices

    The information on each session can be downloaded from the AC2020 Conference page.

    Please indicate your first and second choices for each break-out session on the days you are attending.

    Please ensure that you select the session you are presenting so that we have accurate attendance figures.
  • Tuesday 23rd June: Session 1: Parallel 90 minute Workshops and Focus Groups

  • Tuesday 23rd June: Session 2: Parallel 45 minute Lectures

  • Wednesday 24th June: Session 3: Parallel 45 minute Lectures

  • Wednesday 24th June: Session 4: Parallel 90 minute Workshops and Focus Groups

  • Individual and Access Requirements

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    Please note that we offer limited places for support workers or personal assistants at no extra charge.
  • We use remote captioning for all full conference presentation. Note-takers can be booked for break-out group presentations provided requests have been received by the closing date. After this date, every effort will be made to book them, but we cannot guarantee to secure note-takers for a late conference booking.

    We ask that you use Access to Work funding for sign language interpretation, if possible. If this is not possible, we will make every effort to book interpreters for you but we cannot guarantee to secure interpreters for late bookings.
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