Autumn Conferences 2017

Date: 01/12/2017

Location: Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre, 25 Aytoun Street Manchester M1 3AE

Date: 08/12/2017

Location: Holiday Inn Regents Park Carburton Street London W1W 5EE

NADP Autumn Conferences: ICT for Inclusion

Inclusive education as an approach implies that the educational environment is designed so that the majority of students are facilitated to learn together with appropriate support. This can only be possible in a flexible system that adapts itself to meet the needs of our diverse student communities.

A range of information and communication technologies (ICT) have the potential to enhance the flexibility of approach for academic staff and to enhance the learning of disabled students in our increasingly inclusive universities.

However, reaching that potential requires cultural change; knowledge of the available technologies; effective use; and careful planning and policy-making, both at departmental and higher management levels within the university.

The aim of the ‘ICT for Inclusion’ conference is to provide delegates with:

  • An overview of the important issues to be addressed when considering and implementing assistive ICTs
  • Examples of some of the assistive technologies used successfully in our universities currently, so that staff can return to their organisations well informed on best practice in the sector
  • Supporting strategies on how to influence, inform and assist disabled students, academic staff and management in their choice of the most suitable and capable technologies to use

The social model of disability observes the systemic barriers, purposeful or inadvertent negative attitudes and exclusion by society as the ultimate factors defining disability.

It is NADP’s core belief that knowledgeable, specialist disability and inclusivity staff are well-placed to influence change in attitude and perception in their organisations. This can enable all stakeholders the opportunity to embrace diversity and inclusivity, viewing it as a positive challenge within their organisations.


Bookings will open in September 2017