Panel and Marking

Panel Marking

The Accreditation Panel will comprise of 5 members.


A Chairperson of the Accreditation panel will be appointed and will serve for a period of five years.

This individual will not normally be a member of NADP.

Accreditation Panel Members

There will be four Accreditation Panel members made up of an equal number of members of the NADP Board and of non-members of NADP.

Panel members will serve for a period of three years.

(Note: This will be relaxed for the initial Panel in order to ensure continuity and avoid replacing the whole Panel at one time)

The Panel will be supported by the NADP admin office which will ensure that submissions are appropriately stored and allocated, properly disseminated and all outcomes recorded and held centrally.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Accreditation Panel

Panel Chair

The Chair will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the procedures set in place by NADP are followed
  • Reading and becoming familiar with a sample of the submissions received
  • Receiving and reviewing sample feedback provided by members of the Accreditation Panel
  • Monitoring consistency of the decisions made by members of the Accreditation Panel
  • Arbitration in cases where the Accreditation Panel members assessing the work are in disagreement
  • Submitting a report annually on the working of the Accreditation Scheme to the NADP Board to include suggestions for modification/amendments

Panel Members

Accreditation Panel members will be responsible for:

  • Marking/second marking an allocated number of submissions
  • Commenting and providing constructive feedback to the individual applicants using the marking criteria form provided
  • Reaching a decision agreed with another member of the Accreditation Panel regarding the status of the application (pass/refer for further work)
  • Identifying applicants that could go forward to Senior Accredited Member in agreement with another member of the Accreditation Panel
  • Identifying applicants that could act as a Mentor for future applicants, in agreement with another member of the Accreditation Panel
  • Identifying submissions worthy of consideration for publication, especially for inclusion in the NADP Journal
  • Liaising with the Chair and contributing to the compilation of an annual report on the working of the Accreditation Scheme
  • Acting as Mentor to a limited number of allocated applicants to the scheme where requested and agreed with the NADP Board

Marking Procedures

Each section of work in the submission will be anonymously assessed and reviewed by a member of the Accreditation Panel. Each section will be judged according to a standard set of criteria.

Provisional decisions will be made on a pass/refer for further work basis. Each section of your submission will then be reviewed by a second member of the Panel before a final overall decision is reached.

In situations where there is significant disagreement between the two, the full submission will be passed to the Chair of the Accreditation Panel for a final decision. The Chair will also act as moderator to ensure consistency between assessors. Once the decision is finalised, feedback will be provided to applicants using the standard pro-forma.