Fees and Submissions

You can register for the Accredited Member scheme and began to compile your submissions at any time, by downloading the forms found in the members area of the NADP website. Alternatively, you can use our new online Accredited Member application system.

The annual deadline dates for the receipt of submissions are:

Sept 1st and February 1st

Only in exceptional circumstances can alternative deadline dates be negotiated with the Chair of the Accreditation Panel. (Please refer to the section on Mitigating circumstances.)

How much does it cost?

The total cost for submitting an application for accreditation is £52.

A further fee of £52 is payable when seeking to advance from Accredited Member to Senior Accredited Member status.

The fee for accreditation will be reviewed annually to take into account inflation and any unforeseen additional running costs.

The fee must accompany submission of the Registration form. If you are using our new online system to submit your Accredited Member submission, then payments can be made directly through the form online.

Upon receipt of your fee, you will be advised of your registration number which you should use when submitting your application.

You will also be advised of your allocated deadline date and you will be allocated a Mentor who will contact you.