Martin Smith

Martin has worked with disabled people for over 40 years, originally working in Mental Health Services he qualified as an Occupational Therapist and worked fo rover 20 years in social Services departments as a Senior OT, Team Manager, Commissioning Manager, Head of Adults Services and Director of Disability Services (including, briefly, working as Acting Director of Social Services)

Martin then joined Brunel University in 1999 to set up their service for disabled students.  Starting from a single-handed position now Brunel has one of the largest teams in the country.  It also has a large group of support workers, an assistive technology centre and three assessment centres so that the full range of services can be offered to students on the one site.  This holistic range of support services was always the aim and has been very well received by its users. The service won the Times Highers award for Services to Disabled Students when it was last awarded in 2008 and at the annual audits in 2014 all three assessment centres managed my Martin at Brunel, Royal Holloway University of London and Buckingham New University were given pass ratings of 100%

Martin has always been a staunch advocate of the Social Model of disability.  He retired from Brunel at the end of 2014 and now works as a Disability Consultant.  he is also a trustee with Disability Rights UK and with a large local association of disable people (DASH) in Hillingdon.  Martin also carried out quality assurance proof reading of needs assessment reports.  He was a member of Skill’s Council and their HE working party and joined NADP at the starting of NADO in 2000.  He has been an external examiner and also worked on HEFCE and ECU projects on inclusive teaching and on disabled students participation.  Martin led on the production of the first DES at Brunel and has spoken at many conferences in the UK and abroad on legislation and good practice, on setting up and developing services, on access and on may other disability related matters.

Martin serves on two NADP sub-committees: Conference Planning and on the Accreditation Scheme group.