Brian Lutchmiah

Brian currently leads the Student Wellbeing Service at the University of Derby, and is based in Buxton, Derbyshire.

With 12 years’ experience in the HE and FE sectors relating to specialist support services, and with an inherent passion for and focus on the student experience, Brian has a deep understanding of the challenges across the sector relating to Health, Disability and Mental Health and enabling staff and staff teams to develop practice in an ever-changing landscape. Brian’s experience includes:

  • Knowledge in working practice of Disability in Further Education, including the introduction of SEND and Education and Health Care Plans
  • Extensive knowledge of Disability in Higher Education, with understanding of changes in the sector such as DSA reform, the development of Inclusive Practice and the increasing responsibilities of universities in supporting disabled student groups and the associated challenges.
  • Supporting specialist staff in Disability and Mental Health, with solid understanding of the pressures associated with these role types, the changing funding landscape, and the pressures associated with student life.
  • Direct experience of teaching and training of students and staff from secondary school level to HE, inclusive of support through transitional phases from Key Stage 4 to Level 7